Children learning music at the River Music Experience


The OneSound Piano Project brings music and art to cities throughout our region, activating public spaces and creating opportunities for connection and access to music!

After a successful first year, the program is returning for the 2023 season across the Quad Cities with additional venues by popular demand! 

Check out our OneSound Map of venues to visit & pianos to play! 


Current Piano Placements:

This map contains all currently active indoor pianos, for the 2023-2024 off-season. To view the complete list of 2023 pianos, scroll down.


2023 Pianos and Locations:

(Note: This list includes all indoor and outdoor pianos presented in the 2023 season. During the off-season (November through May), only indoor pianos remain in their locations.)

Antique Archaeology (American Pickers)
Artist: Regan Hatfield – “Thelonious Monk”

Quad City Botanical Center
Artist: Sara Robb – “Full Bloom”

C.A.S.I. (indoor)
Artist: Heidi Sallows – “Everlong”

Common Chord (indoor)
Artist: Lisa Mahar – “Play For Me”

Freight House Farmers Market (indoor)
Artist: Abi Kongkousonh – “Of Prairies & Providence”

Lincoln Center (indoor)
Artist: Lincoln Center students

Mercado on 5th (indoor)
Artist: Amber Abel – “Take Heart”

Niabi Zoo
Artist: Atlanta Dawn – “Nature’s Tune”

Quad City International Airport (indoor)
Artist: Ella Crockett – “Flora & Fauna”

Rivercenter / Adler Theatre (indoor)
Artist: Amanda Stout – “Moon Hues”

Runners Park
Artist: Caroline Kreuger – “Magnolia Dream”

Sound Conservatory
Artist: Bill & Kevin Wohlford – “World of Music”

Vanderveer Conservatory
Artist: Nick Frey – “Heights & Depths of Home”

Waterfront Convention Center
Artist: Liz Masterson – “ABCDEFG”

2023 Program sponsors

2022 Summer Season Report

The first summer season of the OneSound Piano Project was a rousing success! In our inaugural year (2022), ten pianos were painted by local visual artists and placed in public spaces for everyone to enjoy. Talented musicians and community members enjoyed making music in public spaces throughout the region, while site partners noticed increased engagement and visits to their facilities. Based on phone tracking systems, we estimate that more than 650,000 people viewed and passed by the pianos, in addition to hundreds of thousands at the airport!

Click here to view the report and results from the summer.